Yellow daffodil in lime green

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Lime green.

Motif : Yellow daffodil blooms and leaves with pink flowers.

Cutting: ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Black Floral Illustrations

Black kebaya Panjang

Fabric : Fine voile

Fabric color : Black

Motif : Floral illustrations accentuated with repeated four leafed designs.

Cut-work : Cut-out lace work

Cutting: ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Kebaya Kurung / Baju Kurung in red with beautiful batik sarong

Sarung & Baju kurung

Baju kurung

Kebaya Kurung fabric : Thai Silk

Kebaya Kurung fabric color : Red

Sarong : Batik silk

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

Red rose in brown

Red rose in brownFabric : Fine voile

Fabric color : Brown

Motif : Oversized rose blooms accompanied by leaves and primroses.

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

White Chrysanthemum in light blue

White Chrysanthemum in light blue Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric colour : Light blue.

Motif : White chrysanthemum blooms and leaves and white cherry blossoms.

Cut work : ‘ Chicken wire mesh ‘ pattern.

Cutting : ‘Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Purple Orchid in soft pink

Purple Orchid in soft pinkFabric : Fine voile

Fabric  colour : Soft pink

Motif : Bouquets of vanda orchids and leaves.

Cut-work : ‘ Chicken wire mesh ‘ pattern

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Pink Daisy in ivory

Pink Daisy in ivoryFabric : Fine voile

Fabric colour : Ivory

Motif  : Bouguet of stemmed daisies with leaves and sprays of verbenias.

Cut work : ‘ Chicken-wire mesh’ pattern

Cutting : ‘Wiwi ‘ pattern

Nyonya kebaya

3 Kebaya Nyonya

Three Nyonya Kebaya in ivory, light blue and soft pink made by Wiwi Couture.