Exclusive Kebaya

Exclusive Kebaya :

Oversized-rose-blooms-in-ivory-@-copy-copy-copy1-1024x712 copy

White-chrysanthemum-in-light-blue-@-copy-copy-copy-1024x697 copy

Floral-illustrations-in-white-copy-copy-copy-1024x758 copy

Multicoloured-rose-in-light-green-copy-copy-copy-1024x674 copy

Purple-orchid-in-softpink-copy-copy-copy-1024x737 copy

Pink-daisy-in-ivory-copy-copy-copy-1024x733 copy

Phonic-in-light-green-@-Copy-copy-copy-copy1-1024x695 copy

Japanese-scenes-in-pink-rose-@-copy-copy-copy-1024x755 copy

Red-rose-in-brick-red-copy-copy-copy-1024x782 copy

Chrysanthemum-ivory-copy-copy1-1024x707 copy

Yellow-rose-in-purple-copy-copy-copy-copy-1024x703 copy

Morning-glory-in-olive-green-copy-copy-1024x722 copy

Burung-2-copy-21-1024x764 copy
























































2 responses to “Exclusive Kebaya

  1. i wanted to open a shop..do u give any discount if i purchase…what is the minimum purchase and can i see the sample

  2. Hello Loo, thanks for comment. These all are custom made kebaya, and no minimum purchase indeed. If you purchase 10 pieces or more, you’ll get 5% discount. Thanks…….

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