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Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian and Malaysian women, made from sheer material and usually worn with a sarong, batik or other traditional knitted garment such as a songket

Baju Kurung in orange

Baju kurung orange

Baju kurung sutra orange

Kebaya Kurung fabric : Thai Silk

Kebaya Kurung fabric color : Orange

Sarong : Songket

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

Fantastic Dragon

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : piece

Motif : Chinese dragons in two sizes, chasing after fireballs.

Cut-work : In dragon scales

Cutting : ‘Wiwi ‘ pattern

Kebaya in copper color lace

This lovely copper color lace kebaya inlaid beautiful
sequin and beads.

Hibiscus in terracotta

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Terracotta

Motif : Hibiscus , periwinkles

Cut work : Crescents

Cutting  : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Butterfly in orange

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Orange.

Motif : Flying butterfly accompanied by  purple orchid.

Cutting  : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Oversized Rose Blooms

Fabric : Silk chiffon

Fabric color : Soft ivory

Motif : Oversized rose blooms and butterfly

Cut-work : cut-out lace work

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

Gladiola in soft orange

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Soft orange.

Motif : Gladiola.

Cutting  : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.

Phoenix in light turquoise green

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Light turquoise green.

Motif : Phoenix opened tail.

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.