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Fashion designer specializing in slenderizing.

Selamat hari raya IDUL FITRI 1433H

Happy Dragon Lunar New Year !

Tiny little flowers with bird in purple



Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Purple

Motif : Tiny little flowers with bird

Cut-work : cut-out lace work

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

Beautiful blue gamish

Abaya biru 1

Abaya biru 2

Beautiful blue gamish inlaid beautiful sequin and beads.

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

Beautiful Tunick

Thai silk pink tunick

Tunick fabric : Thai Silk

Fabric color : Pink

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

This lovely pink tunick colored inlaid beautiful sequin and beads in center front line,  edge sleeve and collar.

Baju Kurung in orange

Baju kurung orange

Baju kurung sutra orange

Kebaya Kurung fabric : Thai Silk

Kebaya Kurung fabric color : Orange

Sarong : Songket

Cutting : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern

Fantastic Dragon

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : piece

Motif : Chinese dragons in two sizes, chasing after fireballs.

Cut-work : In dragon scales

Cutting : ‘Wiwi ‘ pattern

Sweet ivory blouse

Fabric : Fine voile.

Fabric color : Ivory

Motif : Bouquet of stemmed daisies.

Cutting  : ‘ Wiwi ‘ pattern.